Meteo-Climatic and Environmental Risks Advisors

Meteotec was founded in 2010 and the Company's mission is the Environmental Research and the impact assessment of weather-climate on economic activities, above all in agriculture.

Meteotec focuses its activities on the monitoring of meteorological events to provide two specific services: one linked to insurance coverage for seasonal events (i.e., concerts, open theater, water parks, etc.)
and the second one to the crops defense (Weekly Newsletters with meteorological measurements, results of phenological models applied on plants, pests and diseases, weather forecasting, etc.).

The weather conditions are monitored through the installation of a weather station configured according to the needs of the service to be provided.

Over the years Meteotec has developed a meteorological database that collects data from over 2000 stations located on the National and International territory, with time series over 25 years long for the main variables (temperature and air humidity, precipitation, wind speed). The organization of the database allows us to carry out analysis of the atmospheric events (intensity, return periods, spatial distribution etc.) at different scales on the territory.